Investment Immigration, a rising trend for Business Owners Seeking Opportunities Abroad

Mobility, immigration issues, and many other leading factors in Southeast Asia have, one way or another, impacted its nationals and foreign residents living and doing business in the countries. Many business owners have started to look for meaningful ways to invest abroad and new investment channels. Among the programs promoted and offered, the possibility of obtaining for a whole family a Green Card in the United States of America. EB-5 Immigrant Investor program, the fastest path to obtain permanent residence for a whole family in the USA enjoyed a significant success over the years and is considered now as a leading investment immigration program by stakeholders and investors. Back to 2007 there were less than 1,000 investors were applying while as of Year 2017, more than 13,000 applications are received by the US Authorities, the USCIS. Mainland China has been one of the countries in East Asia to have the highest number of EB-5 applications, Taiwan, South Korea, India and Vietnam being the countries following such trend. The current investment program in US called “EB5” currently allows the investor to obtain a Green Card with an investment of USD500,000. This program comes with no restrictions for most of Southeast Asian nationals. Vietnam, Thais, Philippines, Chinese, and Cambodian nationals are also actively looking into Canada and are surprised to know that they can obtain a Permanent Resident Card with a little more than CAD300,000. The world has changed and it is no longer just about investing in a business, but getting the most out of it. With regard to permanent residence, USA and Canada remains the 2 main destinations where wealthy Asian families wish to either settle down or send their children for education purposes. Southeast Asians can also safely invest in countries offering their citizenship like St Kitts & Nevis, Saint Lucia, Grenada, Dominica and Antigua starting at USD100,000 for single applicant. Other options include Cyprus (EU member), Bulgaria (EU member) and Vanuatu where applicant can invest into a booming local real estate market. While being granted with the citizenship of the country of investment, the investor will have the possibility to sell back the purchased property afterwards. Many individual and business owners are still unaware of the numerous added-values of a wise decision in immigration investment asides from a permanent residence or a second citizenship and second passport. Some of the unmentioned benefits upon acquiring a second citizenship are: ease in traveling to over 174 countries without needing to apply for visas, a real asset for businessman in need on going in and out Cambodia on a regular basis. On top of it, acquiring a permanent residence card will allow direct access to healthcare system and education streams at lower rates and, and lower tuition fees. Investing overseas or acquiring a residency in a different country may also help at shifting or mitigating tax liabilities if proper tax planning is conducted



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