Big game fishing anyone in Phuket? White sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and a tropical climate. Simple a yacht owner's favorite. 
Phuket is becoming the Asian Riviera with the Super and Megayachts community, each returning year after year to explore the ideal waters. The world famous Phi Phi islands, Phang Nga Bay, and the Similan National Marine Park are just a few hours cruise away. Phuket is also a renowned game fishing hot spot with International Sport Fishing Tournaments and a favorite destination for scuba divers to explore the corals and wreck dives.
Phuket International Airport has made travelling easily accessible to Bangkok, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Australia, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates. The islands offer incredible 5-6 stars luxury international hotel chains such as The Banyan Tree, JW Marriott, and many more - to impeccable Southern hospitality service that remains the highlight of Thailand the land of smiles. The northern territory of Phuket is scenic, quiet, secluded with beach clubs while the south territory is immersed with restaurants, bars, shopping malls, and everything of a city. 
Yacht ownership has been a dream of many, a sign of great wealth and success. The dream, however, is often shattered as hidden costs of maintaining a yacht are discovered and begins to mount regardless of usage. Costs such as berthing charges, crew, insurance, registration, and routine maintenance amount to between 10-20% of yachts value annually, not to mention the mechanical works on engines. This leaves many concerned and initially started this saying, "The Best Days of Owning a Yacht is the day you buy and the day you sell.".
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